Breach Of Contract

Bring A Breach Of Contract Claim

Breach of Contract

Bring A Breach Of Contract Claim Or Defend Against One

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Contracts are at the heart of nearly every business. Contracts may be written or verbal. Through contract making, your business has entered into legally binding agreements such as:

  • Between two businesses
  • Between a business and a consumer (customer, client or patient)
  • Between a business and a commercial landlord or other provider of leased or rented equipment or property
  • Between a business and an adjacent property owner regarding easements, access, boundaries and related issues

Either party may make a legal claim that there was a breach of contract because (allegedly):

  • Services or goods were not delivered as promised
  • Services or goods did not meet promised quality
  • Services or goods were not paid for
  • Any aspect of a contract was not honored by either party

At Leeser Law Firm PLLC, our business has helped many clients bring successful breach of contract claims. We have helped many others arrive at equitable resolutions when sued by individuals or businesses.

It is most cost-effectively if we are involved early in the contract dispute. Contact us to discuss your business’s contract challenge and learn about our litigation practice. Call 210-997-2914 or send an email to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a Texas lawyer handling breach of contract cases.

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