Business & Commercial Litigation

When  A Business Faces Litigation

Business & Commercial Litigation

When A Business Faces Litigation

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Business owners normally go to great lengths to stay on the right side of the law and avoid conflicts that can sap energy and resources. Sometimes, however, disputes arise that demand a decisive legal response. Leeser Law Firm PLLC in San Antonio is available to help your business bring claims and respond to legal challenges such as:

    • Harassment claims and other employment disputes (representing the employer)
    • Trademark infringement and other intellectual property matters
    • Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) claims from customers
    • Breach of contract claims and other contract disputes involving vendors, suppliers, customers, commercial landlords or any other person or entity interacting with your business
    • Disputes involving partners and/or shareholders

We Will Champion Your Cause

As experienced, knowledgeable and persistent business law attorneys, we work hard to bring about favorable results for our clients. No lawyer can promise a particular outcome in a litigation context. What we can promise is the best representation we have to offer. We know the law, we investigate facts in detail, we analyze legal issues meticulously and we practice clear communication with our clients and others.

We can help you navigate the legal system without fear as we advocate for you through:

      • Informal Negotiations 
      • Mediation
      • Arbitration
      • Pretrial settlement conferences
      • Hearings
      • Trial before a judge or jury

A successful outcome may be defined differently from one client to another and from one case to another. A fair and equitable settlement resolution for one business might be unacceptable to another. If you are dissatisfied with a judgment issued by the court, we can help you explore the possibility of an appeal.

At all times in business litigation, we help clients weigh in the balance (1) potential gains versus (2) liabilities, including attorneys’ fees, unpredictable judges and other uncertainties. You will have a clear idea about what you stand to win and what you may lose if you take your case to trial. This information can help you make decisions in your best interest.

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